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Suzanne Maccarone

Suzanne lived most of her childhood and teenage years in an institution in RI. These years were marked with unhappiness and self-injury. She moved away from the institution in 1985 and in 1991 joined a group of artists and discovered paints.

She currently works on her craft at Out of the Box Studio and Gallery in Jamestown, RI. Suzanne is very focused and single minded when she paints. She will not leave the studio until her work or multiple works have been completed and the entire surface of her drawing paper is covered. Multiple layers of vibrant, colorful lines stand out almost three dimensionally. Suzanne enjoys this process and is proud of her completed work. When she decides that a piece is finished, she likes to hang it up and view it as it will be displayed. And she smiles broadly.

Her enjoyment of stringing beads, 80’s music and people watching are reflected in the intensity of her work. One of her favorite past times is watching horror movies, which she finds hilarious. Some of this amusement is captured in the free flow and vibrant colors that are the foundation of her art.

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