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Current Exhibition

Eat At Your Own Risk

Featured artists:

Sanika Phawde & John Rego

May 6, 2023 - June 30, 2023.

The creative couple Sanika Phawde and John Rego present “Eat At Your Own Risk”. This exhibition features illustrated works, autobiographical comics, pop-surrealism paintings, and handmade sculptures. The works communicate instances of emotional connection, intimacy, queer immigrant culture and conversations people enjoy over meals. Some works are inspired by the absurdities of the human and natural world, while others take us on an autobiographical journey. The two artists met in NYC while attending their MFA at The School of Visual Art. They now reside in Providence and teach at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Please come take the time to step into their memories, savor their stories, relish in their nightmares, devour their dreams, and maybe even dare to eat the art? "Eat At Your Own Risk" opening reception will be Saturday, May 6th from 5 - 730pm.

Previous Exhibition

Looms & Libraries

March 16, 2023 - April 30, 2023.

This exhibition features a wide of range of textile-based artwork and large-scale tapestries created by members of Rhode Island communities. Out of the Box partnered with 6 libraries to provide inclusive, accessible opportunities through weaving. Each library housed a 36” x 48” looms and patrons were invited to create a collaborative tapestry. The show will also acknowledge Out of the Box Studio artists who helped manage the project. 

Previous Exhibition

Outsider Art: Harnessing Color

At the Jamestown Arts Center

January 27, 2023 - April 1, 2023.

Outsider Art: Harnessing Color unites a group of self-taught artists that see color as an undeniable means to creative expression. The exhibition represents six East Coast studios, Artists’ Exchange (RI), Center for Creative Works (PA), Downtown Designs Gallery (RI), Spindleworks (ME), Out of the Box Studio & Gallery (RI), and Studio 57 (RI).  

The art represented in this exhibition acts as a voice to expand the range of outsider artists, particularly those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. This exhibit celebrates the idea of creating without limitation.

Previous Exhibition

Mirror Mirror

2023 Open Call

January 12, 2023 - February 28th , 2023.

Out of the box is pleased to announce its first group show, Mirror Mirror! The show is interested in the mirrored reflection between an artwork and its maker. The embedded personality, wit and creativity most works have ingrained into them from their creator. This divers show consists of 52 works, collectively featuring a wide array of mediums, content, and scale. The submissions came from local Rhode Island artists. Out of the Box thanks its great community of artists for making this first group show one to remember. 

Previous Exhibition

Adventures in Girouxland

Studio Wall Exhibition:

Max Giroux

January 12, 2023 - February 28th , 2023.

A grand display of Max Giroux’s ceramic works! Giroux shares his fantastical world of creatures through a diorama-like display. The ceramic figures take over the studio wall to share with us the complex world the artist has built for them. Every dinosaur, animal, and bug expresses its wit and unique personality all by just sitting quietly for its viewer.

Previous Exhibition

Irish Eyes

Featured artists:

Ann Biddle & Izzy Goff

November 11, 2022 - December 31, 2022.

Irish Eyes is a collection of works through the artist's eyes during their trips to Ireland. During their workshop, the two artists brought in some of their pictures and paintings of their trip to Ireland, which inspired the studio artists to create their own depictions of the land of green! 

Previous Exhibition


Featured artists:

Natasha Colòn & Wayne Quackenbush

September 15, 2022 - October 31, 2022.

Funhouse was a display of mixed media works of various characters you may find at the circus and scenery that you would only find in the depths of the most spine thrilling horror movies in your collection . During the featured artist's workshop, Quakenbush showed studio artists fun art games such as, "Exquisite Corpse,'' and Colon's workshop took place in a graveyard where she demonstrated grave rubbing

NatureStudies Postcard.jpg

Previous Exhibition

Nature Studies

Featured artist: Rick Meli

July 8, 2022 - August 31, 2022.

Nature Studies was a collection of mixed media works depicting local Rhode Island landscapes. During the featured artist's workshop, Meli demonstrated various pastel techniques with the Ootb studio artists. These pastel works were featured alongside Meli's collection of work.

Farms, Flora and Fauna art exhibition flyer

Previous Exhibition

Farms, Flora & Fauna

Featured works by artist Mary Jo Roberts - Braisted.

May 5, 2022 - June 30, 2022. 

Included in the exhibition was a selection of work created by Out of the Box Studio artists, which were created during a workshop conducted by Mary Jo at Windmist Farm in Jamestown.

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