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Max Giroux

Max’s love of clay and sculpting started at an early age when his mother introduced him non-toxic clay as a sensory experience. Max couldn’t get enough. He enjoyed molding the clay into animals and connecting clay pieces together. When he was 15 years old, he got connected to the Newport Art Museum and his mentor Charlene.


Max’s primary interest is in prehistoric animals: dinosaurs and wooly mammoths. He is well versed on all types of dinosaurs and animals and can identify which prehistoric era they come from. He has studied them extensively and most of what he has read, he remembers.


Max also loves the animals that live in his native area. He often visits farms to see the different types of animals and he enjoys hiking at the many land preserves where he can identify the smaller animals as well.


Recently Max has begun to sculpt specific parts of animals, like a shark’s tooth or a plate from the back of Stegosaurus. The detail is very accurate.


Surprisingly, with all its inaccuracies, his favorite movie is Ice Age 3.

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