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Bob Stengel

Bob grew up in Chatham, NJ and traveled by car to Chatham, MA each summer with his family. Thus began Bob’s lifelong obsession with collecting maps and plotting routes. Bob always loved to paint with bright colors.

He joined Out of the Box studios in ____ where he began experimenting with various art modes of colorful squares. One day he decided to switch to circles and soon brought in his love of maps to his process.

Today Bob paints his circles on maps of his choosing and also takes commission work. He often listens to the old 1950’s TV series Superman while creating his art.

Since 2021, Bob has exhibited in 6 galleries and museums including the Newport Art Museum and the Jamestown Art Center, where one of his large maps was the featured piece in the show “Patterns”. He and his work have been covered in Newport Life Magazine and the Jamestown Press. Bob is cheered by the fact that “everyone says they like my paintings”.

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