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Tim Gavalakis

Tim Gavalakis has spent most of his life in the Newport/Middletown area of RI where he graduated from Middletown High School. Although Tim did some painting and drawing while in school, he did not become serious about his art until he had the opportunity, in the early 2010’s to work at Out of the Box Studio and Gallery in Jamestown, RI where he continues to create his art. He is very methodical about his work and usually researches his subjects in magazines and comic books. Currently Tim’s favorite subjects are buffalo,
bison, superheroes and supervillains.


Tim’s spirit animal is a blue bison, and his friends have spirit animals like Coyote, Buffalo, and Llama. When he draws spirit animals, he draws them large and enthusiastically, using one of his many picture books as a guide. Each of the animals he draws represents his spirit or the spirit of someone he knows. Tim uses markers for outlines, color and shading. He draws swiftly while listening to bands such as Rush and AC/DC.


In the last 3 years Tim has exhibited at 10 different galleries and shows, including Art Enables: Outside Forces, Washington DC and Portsmouth Art Guild in Portsmouth RI. He has been one the of the artists featured in a Newport Life Magazine article. When asked what he wants people to know about his art, he replied “It makes me feel special.”

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